Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Fishing Trip

Last Saturday was such a nice day. I'm afraid we don't have many of them left, so Beau and I tried to do as much as we could outside. Here are a few pictures of a little fishing jaunt we took between mowing and winterizing the yard. I haven't been fishing for quite a while, and it was actually pretty fun. I only wish we would have started a little sooner in the year cuz there's NO WAY I'm ice fishing.


Last week Beau and I got together with the Dalton's to carve some pumpkins. We have to barrow their kids to make things like this fun until we have our own. And it was super fun! Taylor and Paige were so cute! Paige kept tasting everything we were pulling out of the pumpkins and Taylor was totally grossed out by the slimy insides, but was pumped about the carving part. Him and Beau carved two pumpkins; one was a skull and the other was of three wolves. I carved the "Happy" pumpkin and Kristin did the monster. All in all, it was a way fun night. We sure do love the Dalton's.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Eight T.V. shows I love to watch:
1- The Office
2- Prison Break
3- Grey's Anatomy (but I'm not watching it anymore if they are seriously going Gay!)
4- Private Practice (totally better than Grey's)
5- Samantha Who?
6- I used to watch Paula Deen ALL the time, when we had TV
7- Privileged
8- Everybody Loves Raymond

Eight Favorite Places to Eat:
1- My Mom's house
2- Beau's Mom's house
3- Cafe Rio
4- Costa Vida
5- Pasta Factory
6- Anywhere with pizza
7- The Roof
8- TGI Fridays

Eight Things that happened yesterday:
1- Made a Pie
2- Went to Church
3- Made dinner
4- Watched Prison Break
5- Snuggled with Beau
6- Made a list of every thing I need before the baby comes
7- Made a family birthday calender
8- Read the Ensign

Eight Things I look forward to:
1- Not being Pregnant anymore!
2- Having a baby
3- Thanksgiving
4- Christmas
5- Going home the first of November and seeing my new niece
6- Finishing my degree
7- Beau finishing his degree
8- Going on a vacation to Europe again

Eight Things I love about Fall:
1- It's my very favorite season!
2- Beautiful weather
3- Changing Colors
4- Open windows
5- Decorating my house
6- Halloween
7- Thanksgiving
8- Burning fall candles (pumpkin spice!)

Eight Things on my wish list:
1- Be a good wife
2- Be a good mom
3- Lose weight fast after the baby
4- Build my dream home
5- Become a teacher
6- Become a better cook
7- Traveling pretty much everywhere
8- Always be happy about life no matter what is going on

Eight people I tag: Anyone who wants to do it!