Monday, February 28, 2011

One Week and Counting!

We are down to 6 days until we will be having this new little one! I have mixed feelings about it, but mostly just excitement and relief. I'm pretty over being pregnant at this point, and cannot wait to meet my sweet new baby, but I'm also extremely nervous to have two kids. I remember how difficult having a newborn can be, and I honestly don't know how I'm going to do it with a two-year-old. I know I can, I mean, billions of women have done it and survived, but it's going to be SO hard the first month or two when I'm getting no sleep. I think about it all the time and try to plan out how I think our daily routine is going to go for the next couple months. I'm not really sure how I'm even going to shower and get ready for the day, let alone go grocery shopping. Like I said, I know it's going to be something that I just handle as it comes, but it's hard not to be a little nervous about the unknown.
So I wanted to ask, is there anyone who reads this blog that has any advice on what I can do to make this transition easier? Any tips or advice on how to survive the first couple months of sleep deprivation, and also on what I can do to help Josh with the transition. I really have no idea how he's going to react. I think he'll be fine, he's such an even tempered little guy, but I don't want him to feel neglected at all. What have you all done to make taking trips out of the house with two kids easier? Any baby gear that you couldn't live without? How did you get through it!?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Saturday was Beau's Birthday! All he wanted for his birthday was to spend an entire day relaxing together and playing with Josh, so that's exactly what we did. I made a big breakfast in the morning and then we all just laid around for a while and played. I had to run out and finish his Birthday present, so I quickly got ready for the day and went shopping. When I came home and gave him is present, he and Josh were still just playing like crazy in their pj's. His main gift from me was a new office chair, but it wasn't something I could get without him, because it obviously has to be something he feels good in, so I put together him a box of a few of his favorite things or just things that reminded me of him with a note that explained we'd go shopping that day to pick out a new chair. I know, that's a real exciting present, but it's what he wanted and he really does need it. He sits in his chair 10+ hours a day and the one he has now is not comfortable at all...
For the rest of the day we took a nap, had lunch, played more, and then went shopping all over town for the chair. That evening we left Josh with a babysitter and went to dinner with our good friends at Beau's favorite, Texas Roadhouse, then went out for some yummy frozen yogurt. It was such an awesome day spending time together and then going out on a date alone. Probably the last time we'll be doing that for a while. Beau didn't work one minute the whole day. Unbelievable! That hasn't happened (other than Sunday's) for probably 6 months. I felt like it was MY birthday! I hope he had as good a day as I know Josh and I did being with him.

Happy Birthday Beau!

Opening his present.
Josh LOVED the balloons!
I love this picture because it shows just how much Josh still looks like Beau. They are so cute!Family Pic

New Tramp!

Josh got a new toy this week, and it has been a hit to say the least! We got him a little trampoline, and it is SO cool! It's just like a regular trampoline, but it only has about a 6 foot diameter and stands 18 inches off the ground. It's perfect for a 2-year-old. He climbs right in all by himself and will jump for hours. It's in our basement for now, but we plan to put it in the backyard when it gets warm. I think it's the perfect winter distraction! It will definitely help get me through the next month of sleep deprivation. Not having to come up with something to keep Josh busy for a little while was exactly what I was looking for, so I could not pass this up.

We started setting it up upstairs in the living room, but decided it was going to be too hard to disasemble and move, so we finished up down stairs in the basement.
Once it was set up we all got in to test it out.
You better believe I have been jumping in this thing everyday since!
And look who just had to join in! Of course....
For sure, the best toy we've gotten him so far. He loves it! We all have had so much fun playing in it together.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Few Happenings

Last week:

Monday was Valentines day. We aren't big V-day celebrators around here, but it's nice to try and make that day a little more special than just every other day I guess. I made a nice London broil for dinner and got some gourmet cupcakes from the Cocoa Bean for dessert. We also got a package from both Grandma's this year, but I didn't get a picture of Grandma Davis' because it was a couple days early and I wasn't there when Josh opened it. So the picture is of Josh opening his present from Grandma Anderson. He got some candy, a shirt and a new book. Grandma also made the new baby some receiving blankets and I am SO excited about them. I love them! They are my favorite swaddling blankets.
Wednesday we went to story time at Barnes and Noble and then played in the mall with Jace while we wasted time before my Dr. apt. The boys thought the photo booth was pretty awesome.
Josh got his 2nd black eye this week....well, eyes really. He got them both. He bumped his head in the same spot 2 different times within 3 days, and the second time was enough to blackened them. He hit right between his eyes. It's hard to get a real good picture of it. It looks a lot worse than the picture portrays. This is what it looked like a few days ago, but today it's bright green. He's such a klutz sometimes!
He doesn't mind!Meet Bucking Bronco.
He's Josh's favorite thing in the whole wide world right now. He bounces on Bucking Bronco a good 1 to 2 hours a day some days! He LOVES this thing! And he's pretty tricky on it too...
He can bounce backwards...
"Look Mom!"
And even without hands!But most of the time this is his expression as he bounces and watches t.v.
It's serious business, bouncing.
It's seriously so cute to watch him. The funny thing is, is that Josh has never been into watching t.v. or movies, until he got this toy for Christmas. Now he'll watch shows as long as he's bouncing. He'll bounce through an entire movie. It wears me out watching him.

Also this week Josh has started to show so much interest in learning! I haven't started teaching him much before now because he still seems so young and he's just getting the hang of the whole talking thing, but lately he has been showing me that he WANTS to learn. So I guess we will! After this week, he can count to 3, knows 5 or 6 colors, can identify 5 shapes (and draws awesome circles), and if I point to the letters in his name he will say J, O, and then he makes an sssssssssss sound rather than saying S. He doesn't say H yet though. Yesterday morning we were eating cereal and not saying much (which never happens by the way, Josh is seriously NEVER not talking), and all of the sudden he starts tracing the rim of his bowl with his finger and saying, "circle, circle, circle!" It's so much fun to watch him learn!

And the best news of all!!! Josh has finally decided that he likes nursery! YAY! Just in time, right? He's actually been going for a couple of weeks now, but I didn't want to say anything and jinx it. He left church yesterday talking about how fun nursery was. It made me so happy, you have no idea. It's been a frustrating 7 months trying to get him to go, but I made up my mind a couple weeks ago that I was done babying him and if he was going to cry for 2 hours, then he was going to cry...and that he'd get over it eventually. So that week, I dropped him off and just walked away, and he didn't cry at all! It's been great ever since. Now I absolutely love going to church again! I haven't just sat and relaxed for 2 hours in church for over 2 years. It's wonderful! And I'll get to enjoy it for a whole 3 weeks before I start all over again. Haha...

This weekend was a 3 day weekend for Beau so we enjoyed spending a little more time with him than we usually do. Saturday he still had to work most of the day but he spent some time in the morning with us and then that evening we went over to the Stoddard's for dinner and to hang out. They have a little boy (Jace) about Josh's age and they play really well together. It's really fun watching Josh play with other little boys. Jace is actually his first boy-friend. He's always surrounded by girls, poor thing. Then Sunday we got to enjoy church and afterward we had the Mitchell's over for dinner. It was way fun having them over as always! Sunday's are always the best day of the week for us because we get to spend almost an entire day together, other than meetings in the morning. I look forward to it all week! Monday was Presidents Day so Beau didn't have school. We made and ate breakfast together and then I ask Beau to help me do a couple things around the house that I hadn't been able to do myself. I think I finally have all the furniture where I want it now, and we rehung a couple things as well. Now maybe I'll start to decorate! When he finished helping me, Beau had to get to work but was able to spend a few hours with us again that night. We took Josh to the pet store to look at the animals, and then did some grocery shopping. It was a nice weekend getting to see him a little bit more than usual, I know Joshua really loved it! No one is as fun as Dad!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Prego Update

I went to the Dr. this morning. I had my cervix checked for the first time (they didn't end up doing it last week like I thought they would). I am only dilated to a 1 but I'm 80+ percent thinned. After Dr. Leavitt told me I was extremely thin and soft he said, "so, it really could be anytime." I just kinda laughed. He asked if I had gone early with my first child and I told him I was two weeks late and only dilated to a 2 when I went in to be started, then he said, "Ok, so given your history, it's probably not going to be anytime soon." Yeah, that's what I thought too.
We did end up scheduling my induction date for Monday March 7th though! I'm super excited to have a date to shoot for, and it's even BEFORE my due date! Now that it's set, I really hope I don't go into labor on my own before then. My parents will be in Florida from Feb. 28-Mar. 6 so it really wouldn't be very convenient for the baby to come during that time. I need my mom, and someone needs to be here to watch Josh! I also just really like knowing that it'll for sure happen on a certain date rather than guessing. That way I can have my house clean and ready for quests, and my fridge and pantry stocked with food. Oh, and I wont have to worry about going into labor on like the 3rd day of not washing my hair and it's in the middle of the night when I look like a freak show, and my hospital bag isn't packed, my legs aren't shaved, and I have piles of dirty laundry to do, and we don't know what to do about Josh, and my house is a mess, and my fridge is empty....I don't want any of that to happen. The 7th sounds good to me! Actually tomorrow sounds REALLY good to me, but if it's not going to happen now, the 7th would really be best.

How I know the end is near:
  • I can no longer see my feet
  • slip-on's are the ONLY option even when it's snowing outside. There is NO WAY I can pull on boots without passing out!
  • I'm down to 3 pair of pants and a handful of shirts that actually still fit.
  • Making a decision on what to eat=impossible
  • Even oatmeal gives me heartburn. True story...
  • Sleep? What's that?
  • Me and the potty=best friends 24/7
  • I seriously don't care how much I weigh at this point. Every number after a certain point is just disgusting.
  • I cried the other night because I was so uncomfortable. I'm NOT an emotional person, pregnant or not pregnant other than the last 2 to 3 weeks of pregnancy. It's a desperate uncontrollable.
  • This is the only time in life where, if I was asked to speak in church I would not think twice about saying no, and I wouldn't feel bad about it. There is no way I'd get up in front of people this out of control of my emotions. NO WAY!
  • I wear a hat every other day
  • The thought of going grocery shopping makes me what to go to bed for a year
  • I am SO full after eating 5 bits of anything. And then I'm STARVING to death 2 hours later. Tonight my heartburn was so bad, because I ate a twice-backed potato for lunch that I couldn't eat dinner, so I just had an apple and was stuffed after I ate it. Then I had a bowl of cereal before I came to bed and could only eat 3/4 of the bowl. I literally could not shove one more bite in, my stomach is so smashed. But I have also started to get up at 3 a.m. and eat because I can't make it through the night.
  • I can't wear a coat anymore. I'll have a heat stroke. I went outside the other day in just a long sleeved shirt and was thinking it felt so nice, then I got in my car and saw that it was 19 degrees.
  • Keeping up with Joshua= impossible
  • I woke up last Sunday morning and my hips would absolutely not work! They still don't. It feels like they are tilted out and no matter how hard I try to walk normal, I can't. Waddle waddle...
  • My wedding ring bugs me all day if I wear it.
  • I find myself sitting in the nursery just staring at things and getting so excited...
  • I've started to think about packing a hospital bag.
  • Diapers are finally stocked up
  • I pulled one out of the package and hugged it. It's so small!
  • The pressure is on to pick out a name!
These all sound like negative things....and most of them are not my favorite things to have to endure, but I am really not being a grouch about it all. It's just a fact, the last couple weeks are not comfortable. Although, it's shocking how fast you forget about it. Pretty much the second that baby is born! I'll just keep focusing on that one most amazing feeling and I think I can make it 2 1/2 more weeks. EEK!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Josh found his play screwdriver today and got to work fixing everything he could find with a screw in it.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Josh and I like to go hang out in Barnes and Noble. I like to look for new books, and he likes to play in the children's section. We usually go about once and week and have lots of fun. Friday night Beau had to work and I really didn't want to sit around the house (it just doesn't feel right sitting home on a Friday night without your hubby), so I decided we'd head to B&N for some Starbucks and books. We totally lucked out because it happened to be the night that the Idaho Falls Fire Department was there to read to the kids. In case you missed it, Josh L.O.V.E.S. all things firemen, especially their trucks, but he thinks the men are pretty awesome too. I think his uncle Shawn is kind of his favorite person. He talks about him a lot. He has a play fire station with little figurines and one of the little guys name is Shawn. He always climbs the ladder "high, high, high!" Anyway, Josh really liked listening to the fireman read to him. He was so excited, I had to keep reminding him to sit down so the other kids could see the book too. He wanted to be as close as possible. The fireman was really cute with his little admirer:)
It ended up being a pretty fun Friday night, all things considered.



Nesting Much?

This was my Saturday project yesterday.
I brought up from the basement all the boxes of Joshua's old clothes, sizes 6 months through 18 months, and organized them not only by sizes but seasons as well. So we had a pile of 6 month shorts, AND 6 month pants. Then there were 6 month short sleeves AND 6 month long all of the sizes. I already did this with sizes n-3 to 6 months a month or so ago, but that was because I had to to get them all washed and put away in the babies room. I had no intentions of doing it to ALL the clothes. I'm not sure what got into me, but I'm really glad I did it. They were a lot more disorganized than I thought and now I don't have to worry about fishing through boxes every time the new baby (seriously, we need a name for this kid!) moves up a size or the weather changes. I wont go into all the details about just how OCD I got with this little project. Lets just say these clothes are REALLY organized! Lots of sticky notes and string were involved. I think I might be nesting a little :/

Love. This.

I love to see sweet moments like this. Up until recently Joshua hasn't been a real cuddly child, but that's slowly changing. Whenever he gets the chance, he loves to sit on Beau's lap, and just this week he's started to snuggle up as close to me as he can anytime I'm sitting down (which, lets face it, is 95% of the day these days). Sometimes he'll even lay his head on my tummy :) I LOVE it! He's the sweetest little thing.

Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011

This last week was another uneventful week for us. Monday I had a Dr. apt. but didn't find anything out other than the usual vitals. I got the strep B test done and it came back negative. The Dr. asked if I wanted to have my cervix checked while he was doing the test, or if I wanted to wait until next week. I told him I'd just wait. I hate being checked, it totally hurts and when you find out that you're dilated at all, the mind games begin. I remember with Josh I found out I was a 2 at the beginning of November and I was totally convinced I was going to go into labor at any second. But nope, I was still only a 2 a month and a half later when I went into the hospital to be started. So anyway, I'm going in on Wednesday and have to be checked. I'm curious because over the last couple days I've had a few contractions and I've become extremely uncomfortable, and I wonder if it all means anything, but I'm also not ready to get my hopes up. You'd think I'd learn, but I'm still hoping that maybe I'll actually go into labor rather than be put into labor, and maybe even before my due date. I guess we'll see.
Wednesday was my birthday! It was a nice day. Beau spoiled me the entire day and that night we took Josh to Lucy's house so we could go to dinner alone. That was amazing, both actually going out to eat and especially alone. After we picked Josh up we decided to go eat frozen yogurt at a new place in town we hadn't tried yet, The Orange Leaf. It was super fun and really good! I'm a huge fan of frozen yogurt!
It was an exceptionally cold week, even for here. The first few days of the week we were in the negative 20's with the wind chill and later in the week it wasn't much better, although I do think we were above zero. So that really put a damper on Josh and I getting out. I just didn't really want to deal with it, and I always feel guilty taking Josh out when it's too cold.
This week Josh has really started to expand his vocabulary. I don't know what spurred it, but it's really cute. He's trying to put sentences together, and is pretty good up to about 4 words. He has also become more content over all these days. He'll sit and watch a show about once a day and enjoys doing things like putting together puzzles and reading books more than he ever has before. The best part is that he is SO good in church. We haven't had to take him out of sacrament meeting in quite a long time!
His new obsession is playing with my iPhone. It's probably my fault for downloading apps for him, but it can be a bit irritating when I need my phone and he doesn't want to give it up :) I think it has helped him want to learn though. We have apps that teach him his shapes and colors, and others that are matching games and flash cards. He's really good at them! It's been surprising to me because I thought they'd be a little old for him. It's cute to watch him learn, that's always been one of my favorite parts of being mom.
Here are a few pictures from this week.
Playing on my phone.
This picture isn't great, but it shows his new hair cut.
This is what he does now whenever I get the camera out. Great! Like it wasn't hard enough already to get a picture of him. He's such a turkey!
But sometimes I can still get him :)
This is just a blanket I made last week for the new baby. The pictures don't do it justice at all, but it turned out pretty cute for as easy as it was. It seriously took me 3 hrs total to make it! Totally worth it. The blanket I made Josh probably took 15 hours.

The front is a solid cream with the lettering on it and the back is solid navy. I printed the letters off of the computer, traced them onto heat'n'bond then ironed them to the four different colors, cut them out and ironed them to the cream fabric. After the letters were on, I used spray adhesive to stick the cream fabric to the batting and the navy fabric then I sewed diagonal lines back and forth through the whole blanket to give it a quilted look. The diagonl lines are done in 5 different colors of thread. It was SO easy, even I could do it! I also made one to go on Josh's new bed, but I haven't bound it yet. I'm hoping that after the gym in the morning we can get over to Joann's so I can finish it tomorrow. If that ever happens, I will post pictures of his :)