Thursday, January 29, 2009

Handsome Little Man

Just some new pictures...

*Bath time

*Sleeping in his crib!

*Beau loves to throw Joshua up and in the air because he does this every time. He's scared to death!

Salt Lake Trip

Last weekend Beau, Josh and I went to Salt Lake to spend the weekend with Beau's sisters and cousins. It was a busy weekend for Michon and Melinda, but we're glad we got so spend a little time with them. It was a really fun weekend and SO nice to get out of the house. Thanks Michon, for letting us take over your house for the weekend. We love you guys!

*Josh hiding his face from the lights...haha! It was so cute.

*Josh and his cousins Madi and Kate in their jammies

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Such a sweet little boy

Joshua is changing so much everyday! We can get him to smile just about any time we try, except when we have the camera out, and it is SO cute! It makes up for all the crying during the middle of the night. He holds his head up really well, and can sit up for a few seconds. He's also growing like a weed. He's huge! I'm getting buff from packing him around all day. A couple days ago he started coo-ing at us when we talk to him. It's so funny. He tells us all kinds of stories.
We're working hard to get him on a better sleeping schedule. Last night for about 2 hours before bed we had to keep him awake by wiping him down with a cold rag :( It was pretty sad...BUT...he slept for 4 hours, then ate and went right back to sleep for another 2! It was totally worth it. I feel like a new woman! I'm a little unsure of how I'm supposed to work the whole nap times during the day, but we'll get it figured out and then maybe someday he'll sleep more than 4 hours in a row. Even though we have rough nights, we still love him to death!

*This is Joshua telling us a story. It was a sad one...
*Isn't this funny!? But he loves it
*Kind of a smile. His usual smile is open mouth and squinted eyes. We'll catch it some day.
*Sitting up!
*Sporting the Hawk

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Better late than never

I know Christmas was forever ago, but I wanted to post some of the pictures we took over the break.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The last couple weeks

Here are a few pictures from the last couple weeks. Josh is getting SO big. I think he's pushing 12 lbs! Our lives have been crazy since the day he was born. Only two weeks after he was born we went home to Southern Utah for Christmas for over a week. When we got home, it was pretty relaxed and I tried really hard to get Joshua on some sort of schedule with feeding and sleeping. But at the end of that week I started feeling sick and we didn't know what was going on, we just figured it must be the flu. But then I got a really bad pain in my right side. On Monday the pain got pretty bad so Beau took me to the hospital and they ended up keeping me for 4 days with a severe kidney infection. I'm home now, and feeling lots better. It was a pretty crazy week trying to take care of a baby in the hospital. Beau learned that it's hard work being the mom. He did really well! I couldn't have gotten through the week without him, my parents, and the Dalton's. Thank you! Anyway... after all the hospital excitement Joshua's schedule is more messed up than ever. He goes to bed at 1:30 am! and he'll take a nap from 1 till 9 pm. So we're starting over again...again!

*Beau and Joshua
*Helping out with the laundry

*Hanging out in the hospital
*Joshua's first day of church...looking so handsome!

*He sleeps in the funniest positions!