Sunday, April 29, 2012

Still Not Walking...

I'm pretty convinced this little man is never going to walk. He does NOT want to! He walks all day long with his walker and along anything and everything...walls, cabinets, couches, and chairs. But, if we try to practice having him walk between the two of us, he just sits down. Or the second he realizes he doesn't have a crutch, he sits.
Up until about 2 weeks ago I loved that he didn't walk, but he's recently become so discontent, and whines all day long because he can't do everything he wants to. I know he'd be so much more happy if he could walk and keep up with us better.
Lets hope he changes his mind soon, before I loose mine :)

Two Front Teeth

Finally, after 2 weeks of fussiness, the 2 front teeth have made their appearance.
Thank You!!!

This Week

Time for my weekly update.

This week, for the most part, the weather was crappy so we had to spend a lot of time playing inside the house. By like Monday afternoon, we were all pretty bored and the 10 day forecast looked like going outside to play wasn't going to be likely, so I decided I needed to be a little more proactive with planning outings and activities. Monday night I got online (Pinterest) and also racked my brain to think of all the things I loved to do when I was a kid. I came up with loads of ideas! We ended up having such a fun week!
Josh practiced his photography skills

We planted flowers
Josh waters them every day, and just today we found the first sprout! This was seriously fun! I have loved this as much as Josh.
Our neighbors ripped up their driveway and re-poured it over the next 2 days. That provided hours of entertainment.

We made birthday cards to send to Grandma.
Painted with wheels. A total hit!

It turned into finger painting, and then he painted all the cars with the paintbrush.
So then we had a car wash. Seriously, kept him busy for hours! He was having a blast.

We also played parking lot. He enjoyed this more than anything else we did all week. The simplest thing.
We worked on learning our numbers, and it went really well. I was impressed.
We also went to story time, played at Barnes and Noble, went to the park, went to gymnastics, did some shopping, and spent Tuesday playing with Jace.
Definitely a good week.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Benson loves bubbles!

Another Day on the Greenbelt

Pointing at the geese...the ENTIRE time!
Yesterday was a great day! We finally had good weather for the first time in over a week. The boys and I really needed to get out. This time of year is so hard because you get one really nice day and it gets your hopes up that winter might be over...then it's freezing for a couple weeks before you get another random day in the 80's. Good news is that it's almost May, so hopefully those good days wont be so far between.

Beautiful Saturday

We finally had nice weather! So of course we spent the entire day outside...

Easter Morning 2012

Easter morning, that sweet little bunny rabbit left our boys quite the surprise! I wish I had a video camera to catch Josh's reaction. He was SO excited! It totally made my day. He loves his little orange bike and has to tell everyone we pass while riding around the neighborhood all about it.

Bens was pretty excited about his basket too :)

We have 9 o'clock church so Easter morning was kind of a rush. We had to look at the baskets and search for eggs in about 10 minutes before it was time to eat and get ready to go. Beau had meetings so I did it all by myself which was pretty lame, so after I fed the boys I let them play while I went in to do my makeup. It only took about 3 minutes before Benson was into something he shouldn't have been. I heard Josh yelling for help, so I peaked around the corner and found Benson eating an Easter eggs, shell and all! Luckily he hadn't swallowed any shell, so I could laugh about it.

First thing after church Josh took his new wheels for a real test drive. He took right off! It's the cutest thing watching him cruise around.
Best Easter yet!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Coloring Easter Eggs

We colored Easter eggs tonight with our friends the Dutcher's. We didn't do eggs last year, and Josh was only 1 the year before that, so this year was the first that he could really get into it. He was so cute and gave everyone instruction on what color their eggs were to be and what to draw on them. He loves to be in charge.

Benson was just an observer this year.

Mini Explosions

A little baking soda and colored vinegar keeps a 3-year-old VERY entertained....for hours!

Snow? Why Not?

It snowed a couple days ago, and since we've had all of 2 snowy days this whole winter, and because I knew it wasn't going to stay long, I figured I better send Josh out to play in it. He was more than happy to do as I said :)

I sat Bens down to see how he like the snow. He touched it...
and decided very quickly that he didn't like it.
It seems weird to write this, but I've learned to enjoy the snow. I think I'm going to miss it when we leave here.