Friday, February 10, 2012

The funny things he says

Josh dropped the baby monitor after I had asked him not to touch it in the first place, so I was upset with him for not listening and for dropping it.

This was our conversation

Me (in an upset voice): Josh, you cannot be so reckless with stuff, you'll break them!
Josh: it's ok if me break stuff, then we will buy a new one.
Me: no son, that's not the way it works. We can't buy new things every time they break because that costs a lot of money and mom and dad don't have a lot of money.
Josh: then you just need to get a new wallet! Aaaannnnnddd I have lots of money in my piggy bank!

And then I wasn't mad anymore, because I was laughing too hard to care anymore.

Dang kid has all the answers.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I don't know who's having a harder time getting weaned, me or Benson.
Why is it so hard!? I'm not even sure I like nursing...but I'm struggling to give it up.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Unusual Winter

This has obviously been an extremely unusual winter! We've only had 2 or 3 really light snow storms, but it hasn't been anything that's stuck. There's a small pile of snow that hasn't melted yet on the side of our driveway, and every time Josh plays outside he goes right to the pile and digs and digs for as long as he can. I can't believe I'm saying this but, it almost makes me wish we could get a good storm so we could go play in the snow. We haven't gone sledding once this year, and it's our last winter here...I'm sure it'll come though...and when it does, I'm going to REALLY try to enjoy it!


One of my New Years resolutions is to make Family Home Evenings more regular and meaningful for our family.
This week we read the story about when the Lord told Nephi to build a boat. We talked simply about some of the challenges he faced and how he overcame them. It was short and simple, which made it something Josh could really grasp. After the lesson we made banana boats with ice cream and chocolate on top :) He thought it was pretty awesome!

I'd say our first attempt was a success.

Little Red Car

Trust me, watching this little boy cruise around the house pushing this little red car is the cutest thing you will ever see in your life!

Feb 4th

It was nice weather yesterday and we spent as much time outside as we could. Beau wanted to take advantage of the chance to shoot his bow at a longer range than our basement allows, so we walked down the street to the detention basin for some target practice.

Josh was his dad's little helper...
While Benson and I cheered him on from the sidelines.

Trouble Maker

The second the fridge is opened, Benson makes a b-line for it. He'll stand in the door and pull out different bottles for a good 20 minutes if I let him. He gets so dejected when the door shuts just before he gets there, so every once in a while I let him play, and boy does he get excited about it! He stands up SO proud like he's getting away with something big!

Eating Chalk

Benson enjoying a little time coloring outside in the sun.

I'm pretty sure there was more chalk on him than there was on the sidewalk.

Candy Land

Lately Josh has really been in to playing games.

His favorite is Candy Land!
It's funny because, although there is obviously no skill involved in Candy Land, it's just the luck of the draw, he wins EVERY time!
He's a little trash talker too! The whole time we're playing he says things like, " I'm so going to beat you!" and "I'm better than you at this game mom."
He cracks me up.