Sunday, July 17, 2011

Benson Boo

I was feeling bad the other day when I posted Benson's 4 month update because when I went to add pictures to the post I realized I hadn't taken very many of him lately (like almost none). So this week I tried a little harder to remember.
Here are a few from the week...
Trying so hard to get his toes in his mouth.

Dad helped him out.

Love his open mouth grin!

Such a sweet boy.

We went to the park on Friday and he had the biggest blowout ever! I always carry an extra onsie with me, but when I pulled it out I realized I hadn't replaced it with a bigger size in a while. It was still a 0-3 month! There was no way I was getting that on this chub! So...he hung out naked the rest of the time and love it!
(That reminds me, I need to switch that out)

I'm not sure what this picture is about. I was making dinner and Beau had the boys outside playing, he came in and told me Benson was doing something really cute so I asked him to grab the camera, and this is what I found when I uploaded the pics. I think he was swinging his legs around and chatting, but I'm not sure. Either way, it's just cute :)

Learning To Roll

Tummy time starts out like this these day...

and ends like this.
He wants to roll over so badly! He's done it on accident a few times, but still gets stuck and frustrated most of the time.
It makes for some cute pictures though...


Check out these raisins!
Benson LOVES his baths! Some times he gets to stay in long enough to get all wrinkly :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July in Pictures

Began the day at the parade

Watching the airplanes and helicopters flying over the parade

Benson thought his toes were way more interesting than the parade

Waiting for the fireworks to start (isn't my mom pretty!)

Keeping Josh entertained

Still waiting... But having a good time talking and people watching

Amazing fireworks, yet again. We had the BEST spot this year too! We're getting the hang of this after 4 years.

Josh thought they were a little loud at first

But decided they were pretty "neat" after a few minutes.

4th of July in Idaho Falls really is a treat, and spending it with family makes it that much better!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Benson is 4 months old!
At 4 months Benson:
*Weighs 16.6 lbs- 76%
*24 inches tall-32%
*Head circumference in the 90%
*Is extremely happy ALL the time.
*Is wearing 9 month clothes.
*Just got moved in to his own bedroom 3 nights ago and is sleeping SO much better!
*Takes 3 naps a day at 9, 1, and 5.
*Still wakes up around 4 am to eat.
*Nurses every 3 hours and just started oatmeal this week, once a day.
*Sits up with a little support.
*Is getting his 2 bottom teeth! TOTALLY opposite of Josh. At this rate, Benson could have all of his teeth before Josh. Josh just cut his 4th k9 2 weeks ago. Haha!
*Takes AR medication twice a day, which is working wonderfully!
*Loves LOVES to be talked to.
*Rolled over from front to back for the first time today!
*Loves his taggie
*Has to be holding on to something all the time (especially likes mom's hair).
*Likes to be read to and especially likes touch-and-feel books.
*Thinks his dad is so funny and will laugh at anything he says. It's the sweetest thing!

Benson really is an amazing, go with the flow baby! He's so happy and loves to be involved in everything we're doing. He'll give a smile to anyone who talks to him. He's patient with me as I'm still learning to juggle two kids. I'm beyond grateful for the chance I have to be his mom. He was sent to our family for a reason, and has taught (and continues to teach) us so much everyday. Every once in a while I'll think, what if he hadn't made it through those first 2 weeks of life!? It makes my heart hurt just thinking about that. It's funny how quickly it felt like he had been a part of our family forever. It's only been four months and I can barely remember life without him.
1st time eating oatmeal

Loved it of course

Snoozing in the stroller

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Bens thinks this is so funny! Every time Beau does it, he just smiles and smiles. It's adorable.


I can't get enough of this chubby little cutie!
He is ALWAYS this happy!

Swimming Party

Last week we had a few friends come over for a little swimming party. The kids played in the pool, on the slip'n'slide, and jumped on the tramp. I think they all had a blast. It was really cute to watch them having so much fun together.

Josh and his best buddy, Jace


This was after all the kids had gone and I was changing Josh out of his wet clothes. He escaped, and ended up back in the pool! He still cannot get enough of his little pool.