Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Summer Highlights Pt. 1

This summer has been so laid back and so much fun! We didn't go on any big family vacation, but we have managed to do some really fun things here in Idaho and while visiting family down south. I think I quit blogging around the first of July, so we'll start from there.

The Forth of July weekend.

Beau's parents, Kody and Tierra came to visit over the 4th. I was terrible with pictures that weekend because we were busy having a blast! The first day they got here we took them down to the green belt and walked around for a while, then picked up some pizza and went to Tautphaus Park to eat a play bocce ball. I think Beau and I won that round, but don't worry, we got spanked every other time that weekend! Gary is GOOD at bocce ball! Him and Kathy made a tough team. And the last game we played, Tierra came out of nowhere and killed us! It was seriously fun.
Also while they were here we of course went to the famous Idaho Falls firework show. Some friends of ours spent the entire down at the river saving us seats, and they were awesome! The firework show was the best out of the 3 years we've been here. I swear the whole thing felt like a finale. I was glad we had family there to watch it with.

Here are the only pictures I took of the whole weekend.

San Diego Girls Trip!

This year for girls trip we went to San Diego! We've been so many times before, but it will always be our favorite place to go. We stayed on Coronado at the Marriott that is just across the bay from down town SD and it was so nice! The first day we got there, we went straight to the beach and we just laid there for hours! Kamryn was the only kid who came because she's too young to leave behind, so all of us moms were just so excited to be able to relax without kids around. We each took turns cuddling with the baby though, so Tia got to relax a little too :) Basically the entire trip we laid on the beach until we got hungry, then we'd go eat amazingly good food and lay on the beach some more until it was time to go to bed. Even though it was a short 3 days, it was the best vacation I've been on in a LONG time! I love spending time with my sisters and my mom more than anything, so this trip had it all. However, I did miss Josh and Beau. It was the first time I'd ever been away from Josh for more than 3 hours! That's pretty sad, I know. I found myself thinking more than once, I wish Beau and Josh were here, or, Joshua would love this! We'll have to go back some day soon, just the three of us.

I didn't take many pictures on the trip because I was too busy doing NOTHING, but here are a couple.

Taleesa is pregnant, so she dug a little hole for her belly to fit in while she laid on her stomach!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Snow! What!

Tonight I was watching the weather and I heard the 'S' word and I wanted to barf! Get me out of here before it snows or I might die!

It didn't get warm until the second week in July this year and it's already cooling down. Why do people live here? Why do I live here!? It's so depressing.

I do have some more positive things to blog about but I just found out that the power cord to my computer accidentally got moved over to Beau's new office. He'll bring it home after work tomorrow and I'll post again with some pictures of my cute little man.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Back

Alright lets do this....

I haven't blogged much in the last month or so and I'm not really sure why. Just having a lovely lazy summer I guess. We've done a couple blog-worthy things in my absence, but for the most part we've just done a lot of hanging out outside and enjoying the good weather. Summers here in Idaho are truly amazing! They ALMOST make the winters worth it. Almost. The temperature is usually in the high 80's to low 90's during the day, which is a little hot to play outside in, but it doesn't warm up until noon and the evenings are cooler as well. So we play in the sand box every single morning before it gets warm then head in for naps around noon and sometimes come back out around 4 to play in the sprinklers. We also go on a walk every night around 8:15, to wined down and get ready for bed, and I think it's everyone's favorite part of the day.
Maybe that's why I haven't blogged much lately, that sounds kind of boring now that I'm writing it. Oh well, boring or not, we are loving our summer time routine!

-Josh Update-
Josh has done a lot of growing up this summer. Especially in the last couple weeks, I've had so many moments where I've been shocked by the fact that he is acting more and more like a big boy everyday. I think the thing that makes him feel so grown up is that he talks non-stop! He's never not talking. Most of the time I know what he's saying and we'll have a normal conversation, but sometimes I think he just babbles because he thinks he has to be talking every second of the day. It's my favorite! He keeps me laughing all day long.
A couple days ago he went poop in the toilet for the first time! I'm not potty-training, not even thinking about it actually, but that day he was standing there without a diaper on and got this panic look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he looked at me with wide eyes and said, "Poop!" I didn't know what else to do, so I quickly picked him up and ran to the toilet. And he went! No problem. He was proud of himself, and so was I.
He's currently completely obsessed with tractors! I mean Obsessed! That's what we are talking about most of the day. We've got a collection of little toy tractors and he's got one in his hands at all times, whether he's playing, eating, or sleeping. When we're in the house during the day he stands by the back door and watches the main road that runs behind our house because there is a major construction project going on up the road and there's a constant stream of dump trucks and semis. Every time one goes by he grunts really loud and yells "Practerrrrr." I have to get excited too or he just keeps yelling it.
The best news of all though, is the fact that yesterday in church we didn't have to take him out in the hall once during sacrament meeting! Thanks to his new love of tractors, all we had to do is bring a few toy trucks and his tractor picture book and he was fine the entire time! It was the best day at church ever! He is still a little hesitant about nursery, but we are making progress I can tell. I stayed with him the whole time yesterday because I could tell he was getting pretty comfortable and I didn't want to undo everything we'd done so far by traumatizing him again. I think I'll do that for another month and then he'll be fine. He made tons of progress just yesterday.
I could go on and on about the new things he is learning and doing, because he is at a stage where he's developing so much everyday. He's a smart little guys and I think he's about right on track with where he's supposed to be...except with his teeth, he's still so slow at getting teeth. Right now he's cutting his last molar and it's a stubborn one, he's actually cutting it for the second time. Man, I hate teething! I wish he'd get it over with. I hate to see him in pain.
I'll try to catch some of his new tricks on camera and post them.

As for Beau and I, not a lot has changed. Beau's still working his life away and I'm loving being a busy mom (Beau loves being a dad too). Beau works full time for Netmark and also just launched his own business with his friend Josh last week. It's an exciting adventure. It's still in the very beginning stages, but we know it's going to be great. Beau and Josh together can make anything work. They are two smart, hardworking guys. Some day I should post about Beau and Josh and how funny it is that two guys could grow up so far apart and have drastically different upbringings and become almost the same person. Kristin (Josh's wife) and I laugh constantly at how similar they are. It's crazy actually.
We're still waiting patiently for our house to sell so we can move south. Honestly, it's frustrating because we feel like our lives are on hold in a way until this house is out of the way. The next step for us is to finish our educations, but we can't even really apply for BYU because we don't know what semester to apply for, because we don't know when we can move down. However, I think we did decide tonight that we'll go ahead and apply for spring '11 and pray the house has sold by then. Until it does, we are loving that we are here to enjoy another beautiful Idaho summer.

I will post again soon-ish (no promises) with pictures. But until then, here's two I took this morning of my little guy eating a doughnut on the front step. He didn't even know what to think of the doughnut, he's in heaven when I let him eat sugar because it very rarely happens. I usually leave the sugar up to 8 hr drives and grandparents. That's what they're there for right, to spoil little sugar-deprived boys?

P.S. I am deliriously tired right now and can't think straight, let alone spell and form correct sentences. I'm planning on reading this post in the morning to make it make sense, so I apologize to those who read this before I get a chance to do that.

Maybe I shouldn't even post this until I read it?

No, I didn't stay up this late for nothing!

Just bare with me....