Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Girls Trip '08

This year for girls trip my mom took all the sisters and the kids to Park City! It was so much fun! I loved being together with all my family cuz I missed them all so much being away. We went to Hogle Zoo one day, which was super fun. We went early on a Friday so there weren't many people there, and the weather was perfect. We also went shopping at the outlet mall in Park City, rode the alpine slide, played mini golf, spent a lot of time at the pool, and just hung out together! I got so many good pictures but I can't post them all. Here are a few...

July 2008

The first of July Luck, Jana, Kate, Tierra, and Kody came to visit us and celebrated the 4th here in I.F. It was a blast! We had tons of fun shopping, watching fire works, and going to the Zoo. Kate kept Luke and Jana up all night so Beau and I took her outside to play while they got some sleep.
The Fire Works...Kinda, but you get the point.The Zoo

We're Back!

We FINALLY got the internet! So we can blog again. I have no idea how to update everything that has happened since we last blogged without spending hours, so I'm just going to post a few pictures and call it good.
I'll start with some pics of when we first got to Idaho.
Kinda a crapy picture. I took as I was driving the day we moved to IDAHO!
This is a picture of the Green Belt here in Idaho Falls. It runs along the Snake River and it's so beautiful. Beau and I infront of the falls with the temple in the background.