Thursday, September 17, 2009

I think I'm in for it...

So this week I've got a glimpse of what my life is going to be like for the next 1 to 1 1/2 years, and I think it's going to take some getting use to (not to mention some toughening up). Beau went back to school! I'm really happy for him and SO proud of him for taking the plunge, but boy is it going to be a change! We have been living the easy, laid back life until now-that's for sure. I think this week I've seen Beau a total of 3 hrs. He gets up and goes into work early, then heads straight from work (after 9 hrs) to Rexburg for school, and then comes home and we see him long enough to sit and eat dinner together before he heads upstairs to do homework until he can't keep his eyes open any longer (usually around 11:30). Once he reaches that point, or his head explodes, he flops into bed, sleeps a few hours and starts all over again. I can't complain about being alone all the time or having to take care of Joshua all by myself all day (I'm totally complaining) after looking at his schedule, but like I said before, it's going to be a HUGE change.
Getting a college education has always meant SO much to us, but with the way life has gone, finding the right time to go back has been hard. Then a couple months ago I think we just realized that we weren't getting any younger and it was only going to get harder the longer we waited and the more kids we had. SOOOOO here goes nothing! It's all going to work out just fine and I know we'll be blessed for our sacrifices because this is what Heavenly Father wants us to be doing right now :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Kisses Anyone?

How about now!
How can you say no to that?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Island Park and Yellowstone

Kristin's Awesome parents invited us to stay in a cabin up in Island Park a couple weekends ago, and of course we couldn't turn them down! We're so glad we went and grateful for the invite. It was WAY fun. The morning we got there we rented rafts and floated down Big Springs. The river (or spring i guess) was the prettiest one I have ever seen. The water was only 2 or 3 feet deep most of the way and crystal clear. It took us around 3 hrs to float the whole thing and Joshua did really well considering he had to sit on our laps the entire time and it was during one of his nap times. He loved to put his feet in the water and didn't care that it was freezing cold.

*Getting ready to get on the boat
*Hanging out with dad

*Pit stop

*Just float'n

While we were up there, we decided that since we were so close, we'd go to Yellowstone. I had never been and no one else had been in at least 10 years. It was so amazing! All of the hot pots blew me away. I'd never seen anything like that before. We only got to spend about 5 hours there, so I can't wait to go back again and see more.


*Paint Pots

*Paigie and Josh
*Old Faithful

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Salt Lake Trip

I told myself that I was going to get all caught up on my journal writing/blogging this week, but I have SO much to catch up on that I'll have to make the posts brief.
A couple weeks ago Beau had to work down in Salt Lake for a couple days so Joshua and I went along for a little get away (and to go to Ikea). We didn't end up doing much because Josh decided to get sick the first night we got down there, so I stayed in the hotel and let him rest quite a bit of the time. We did however make it to Ikea that day! I love that store. I don't care much for the furniture (not my style) but the marketplace on the bottom floor is Awesome!
On day 2 Josh was feeling better so we did a few things. We went to the Living Planet Aquarium and out to eat at The Mayan. Joshua was lots of fun at the aquarium. He loved to put his face right up to the class and would get excited when a fish would swim by.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shirt Love

So I was shopping online today and ran across this Beaut! As soon as it goes on sale, it's mine!
I know for a fact my mom had a shirt identical to this once upon a time. Oh how I wish she would have kept all her old could have saved me lots of $$$$