Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bath Time!

I just started putting Joshua in the big bathtub and he LOVES it!

Mom and Dad's Cabin

While we were down south last weekend we ran up to Kolob to see how my parents cabin was coming along, and so Beau could do a few things around the place to get it ready for the decks to be built. I thought I would post a few pictures because I don't think any of my sisters have been able to go up and see it yet. The first two floors are just about finished being stacked. All that is left is the 3rd floor and the roof. It is going to be Amazing! I can't wait to spend time there as a whole family. The first year it is finished we will have to spend Christmas there!

*Joshua's first time on an excavator

*The View

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our trip home....again

This last weekend Beau had to work down in So. Utah for a couple days, so we decided to go down Friday after work and make a trip out of it. When we came home from my little sisters wedding the first of May I told Beau that I wasn't going back down there for a long time because the trip is getting harder and harder every time with Joshua. So when he told me he had to go down for work this last week, I said I was going to be brave and stay up here alone because I did not want to go again so soon. But, we ended up selling our truck earlier in the week so I would have been left here without a car for 4 days....and I didn't want to do that either. SO... I obviously ended up going. I'm so glad I did, because it was a really fun trip. It happened that we got to see my family who was in town from Texas, Beau's cousin Melinda and her husband Rob, my cousin Reed who just got home from his mission, and of course all of our immediate family. It really was worth the drive! Here are just a couple pictures hanging out with the fam.

*Joshua and Sophie

*Josh and Anni showing off their skills
*I think she is the cutest little thing ever!
*Josh and Grandma Anderson

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This last weekend our friends Colby, Andrea and their two kids came to visit from Utah! We had a lot of fun, but the weather was yucky so we didn't get to spend much time outside (which is why anyone from So. Utah would come here in the summer). We did find a long enough break in the rain to run to the Zoo and see a little of the green belt. We also went to the local Russian restaurant/store. It was so funny to see Beau and Colby in complete heaven, speaking Russian with a Russian, eating Russian food, and looking through the store. We're SO glad they made the long drive up here so we could spend time with them!

Sleepy Kid

The other day I went upstairs to put Joshua down for his nap, but I decided to make my bed before I put him in his crib. I laid him down on the ground so I could make it quickly and by the time I walked around the bed and back he had already passed out.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Catch up

I've been pretty bad a blogging the last couple weeks, which is weird because we've actually been doing some blog-worthy stuff. 2 weekends ago we went with our friends Coby and Ashlynn and Coby's parents to Heise for a picnic and a hike. It was really fun and the weather was so nice! Then this last weekend we all went up to Mesa Falls. I was shocked at how huge the falls actually were. I don't know what I thought they were going to be like, but they were not at all like I imagined. They were way better! On our way to Mesa Falls we stopped at Big Judd's for some lunch (which was yummy) and Coby got the Big Judd's Special. It was the biggest burger I've ever seen in my life! It was hilarious!
Beau and I are really excited for Ashlynn and Coby to be up here (they moved up from St. George too). It's been fun to have someone else who hasn't seen what there is to see around Idaho Falls and who are willing to go explore places with us.

*Cress Creek look out
*Big Judd's Special
*Mesa Falls