Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's a Boy!

Here are some pictures of our little baby boy from our ultrasound! We're SO excited it's a boy, Beau can barely stand it! He still tells everyone he sees he's going to have a son. We are TOTALLY at a loss as to what he'll be named (seriously, not one name). I look online just about everyday for new ideas but nothing has jumped out at me yet. Beau and I were actually joking today that we're going to be in the hospital, the baby almost 2 days old, and we'll start playing the "you pick 3, I'll pick 1" game. We can't even decide what movie to watch at night let alone what name to give our child! I like the traditional/short names the best. So if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them.

Here's his little bum, legs, feet, and all the stuff in the middle!

Another of his legs and feet and cute little bum. He's got the longest/skinniest legs!

This is a profile of his face. He's got Beau's chin. You can also see his fist.
A pretty good one of his whole body (minus a head). You can really tell how long and skinny he is in this one. I love it!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This = Me

So this little comic describes me to a T. I'm having the hardest time wearing anything right now. Everything is just so uncomfortable and way too tight. I can still wear a few shirts, but even they don't fit quite right. So I finally broke down and bought some maternity pants the other day. I had to buy an XS first of all, and then when I wore them to work the next day, by about 11 am they were literally falling off! HOWEVER...I cannot squeeze my butt into ANY of my pants anymore! Every time I try I am so amazed! I knew my belly was going to get big, but I had no idea my thigh, hip, and butt regions were going to grow right along with it. I'm trying to be ok with it (I understand I have to grow with the baby) but all I have to say is that all this better go away when this baby is born, cuz I'm not liking it one bit!