Sunday, January 31, 2010

Love it!

If I was getting married right now I would SO have this dress!
Although some day this girls is going to regret the HUGE flower on her head/face in all her wedding pictures, the dress is timeless! I'm so in love...

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I decided I really need to post something. I've been trying to get to it for over a week, but can't seem to make myself. My lack of posting has not been because I'm so busy that I don't have time; it's because absolutely nothing has been going on!
Just a quick update on what's new.
About 3 weeks ago Beau put in his resignation at Kyani, and as of the end of February he will no longer work there! I have mixed feelings about it. I'm really excited he's going to be doing something that makes him happy and that has a future, but I'm afraid I'm going to miss the stability of a salary paying job that was basically 8-5. Until the end of February he'll still be working both jobs, but very few hours at Kyani (basically just on call for the guy taking his position). He's working for a company now called Netmark Essentials doing SEO "stuff" I couldn't tell you exactly what that is without A LOT of explanation and computer lingo that I don't totally understand myself, but he's enjoying it, that's all that matters. Beau's also still going to school, but only goes up to Rexburg once a week. He's incredibly busy right now. I saw him probably a total of 2 hours this last week, and honestly, I hope it gets better soon because I'm having a hard time being alone and cooped up in this house 24/7. I'm SO lonely and need some human interaction! I'm sure even at the end of next week it'll get better though. Or at least that's what I'm going to tell myself anyway.
I've been trying to keep myself busy by doing little projects. I'm trying to teach myself how to sew, reading books, reading magazines, cooking new recipes, decorating my bedroom, organizing my entire house, and finding new shows to watch on hulu. A couple weekends ago I emptied every closet in our house and the garage and reorganized them all. I think we spent $100 in totes that weekend. But it's been so cool to have more space and to know where exactly everything is. I've also started baking again. I stopped for about 4 months for some reason (probably the holidays), but I'm back at it and I think I've honestly gain 10 lbs. Oh well...When I'm eating my delicious treats, I think it's worth it.
Joshua has all of the sudden turned into a crazy man. He goes non-stop. Just this last week he's come up with his own language. It's hilarious. I'll try to catch it on camera. He comes up to me and tells me the longest stories, his hands are going and everything. He's also learned how to throw some major fits. I have no idea what to do about it either, because he's too young to understand discipline. Other than the fits he's still the best little guy. He loves to hang out with me and do everything I'm doing. Right now his favorite thing is for me to read him books. I'm so glad he loves books again.
I better go, Beau is pacing because the ward party started 2 minutes ago and apparently he wants to be the first ones there. Sorry for the boring post, I'll try to post again tomorrow with some pictures.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Lately Beau's been really busy 24/7 so I've ended up going to bed alone most nights. I hate getting into cold sheets when he's not there to warm me up, so I have the heating pad next to bed and turn it on a couple minutes before I get into bed to get the sheets warm. It works out nicely. Anyway...the first thing Josh does every morning is pick up the remote-thingy part of the heating pad and pretends he's talking to his dad on the phone. He puts it up to his ear and says, Hello? I think it's so cute and funny because it really does kinda look like a phone, like an old-school house phone with a cord. But the weird thing is is we don't have a house phone and our cell phones don't look anything like that. Funny kiddo!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cute Boy

Tonight we were playing IN the toy box.

Poop Circus

Since Joshua was about 2 months old and going through "the blow-out stage" Beau and I have called incidences like this a Poop Circus.
A couple days ago Josh and I had one of those mornings. I was doing everything just like I do every morning, but this day things were going all wrong!
After breakfast I took Josh upstairs to give him his bath, so first things first, I laid him down in his room and took off all his clothes and diaper. As soon as he was naked he jumped up and ran to the corner of his bedroom and started peeing on the carpet! There was nothing I could do at that point. If I picked him up he'd just pee all over me and the rest of his room. So I let him do his thing right there so I only had one spot to clean. When he was finished I put him in the tub and after about 3 minutes I look over and he was holding on to the side of the tub and grunting. I panicked because I knew what he was doing! But once again, there was nothing I could do! So anyway, he pooped in the tub. I grabbed a cup thinking I could scoop it out before it did too much damage then just drain the water and start over. I started scooping and realized there was poop everywhere! To make matter worse, I had put bubbles in the tub so I couldn't even see the bottom the bath (or the thousands of poop particles)! I quickly got Josh out of the tub at that point and sat him on the rug while I tried to get the bath drained and cleaned out. Then I noticed that the tub was no longer draining. It was clogged with you know what! Gross! I wasn't even going to deal with that, Josh was just going to finish his bath in my bathroom and Beau would have to unclog the drain when he got home. Oh but done worry, that wasn't the end of it! Just when I had given up I turned around to pick Josh up, but he was already standing and watching himself pee on the rug! He was laughing so hard and thought that watching his pee come out was hilarious (it was). Again, what do I do at that point? After he was again finished with his business I finally got him in my bath, washed him and then took him out and quickly put a diaper on! What a morning! Honestly even during the mayhem I thought it was all quite funny, but it's even funnier now thinking back. There was nothing I could have done, it was just one of those mornings...


Joshua now has 3 teeth and we are all back to getting a full nights rest! (sigh) Yesterday he was a total Angel all day and even let me get some shopping done, so he got to go to the mall and play in the play place. Yup, it's that exciting around here.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Break Pt. 2

Christmas Eve. My favorite family traditions. We had a lot of crazy fun this year. Our family is getting SO big! We had a mexican dinner, acted out the Nativity, sang some songs, and every ones favorite part, the PJ's!

Joshua was a mouse for the Nativity program.

What a cute bunch!

The Whole fam. The theme this year was sports teams. Turned out super cute. We had Eagles, VVHS bulldogs, Red Sox, Stealers, Titans, and BYU.

The 3 of us sport'n BYUI (just pretend they have a sports team)

And some Josh


Idaho Falls


God bless Bunkerville!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Whoa Nelly

The other day I was trying to take a picture of Josh in his new outfit my grandparents gave him for Christmas so I could send it to them and he was being so crazy! So this is the picture they got.

Christmas Break Pt. 1

We started our Christmas off with a trip to Salt Lake to meet up with my family at Temple Square to see the lights and eat dinner at The Roof. As was a SO much fun!. I love when we all get together, and eating at The Roof during Christmas has to be the best thing ever. So many fun Memories.

After our night at Temple Square we headed down to American Fork for my cousin Jonathan's wedding. I'm really happy for Jonathan and his new wife Lauren! They were so cute and it was of course awesome to see my favorite family from Texas!

Waiting outside the temple
At the Luncheon

Sunday, January 3, 2010

And I'm Feeling.....Good

(This is for my journaling, not so much for reading pleasure)
It's been a hectic-fun-crazy-enjoyable-month. I can't believe how long it's been since I last blogged! But like I said, we've been quite busy, not to mention out of town. Christmas was a total hit for our little family. We were all completely spoiled even though I myself kept things small. It's just an accumulation of gifts from parents, siblings, friends, and grandparents that add up to so much. But seriously....who's complaining? Not me. It was just a good thing we brought our truck down because it was packed to the max (pretty sure I haven't said that since 1994) on the way home. I'll create a separate post about Christmas and other events from December later.
Right now I'm feeling so grateful. I love my life and everything it entails. I was just sitting here thinking about the last year and I cannot believe how much the Lord has bless us. Unlike most of our loved ones, we have remained unaffected by the poor state of this countries economy. Although we feel for those it has affected, we are so grateful that we are where we are. And we know it's due to the Lord answering our prayers and leading us to Idaho. I honestly still can't even believe we live here! I never in a million years would have thought I'd live in Idaho some day. Funny story- a couple months before the whole moving to Idaho thing came about, Beau and I were driving somewhere on the freeway and we were following a car with Idaho plates going ridiculously slow in the fast lane and we couldn't get around it for one reason or another. I was getting SO frustrated (surprise, I have road-rage issues) and started saying something like, "stupid Idaho drivers! I swear they are all raised on farms where they're the only ones on what ever dirt roads there are and have no consideration for other people! I hate Idaho!" haha...karma? Come to find out, non-farming people actually do live in this fine state, and they are great, especially the farmers! I LOVE the people here. They are so down to earth, conservative and friendly. But driving here really is probably one of the most frustrating things in life. For the most part they drive 15 mph under the speed limit unless they're in parking lots and then they drive at least 55 (not even exaggerating), they don't have right hand turn lanes so you have to sit through red lights even when you're turning right, and the stop lights are SO long!!!! I really love it here though, I'm even enjoying the winter.
For the last 2 months nights have been really rough with Joshua. He wakes up at least 3 times a night crying hysterically, not just a little whining. So I have to get out of bed and calm him down. It started 2 months ago when he had a really bad ear infection, and has never stopped. About a month ago I decided it was time to just let him cry himself back to sleep, and then he started teething (his top k9's, ouch!) so I felt bad and would go at least put his binki in and he'd go back to sleep for a few hours. Now here we are, still teething, and I'm still getting out of bed 3 times a night. I've never done well with that. I'm not the type that can get woken up and go right back to sleep. Sometimes I'm up, mind racing, for an hour after I put his binki back in. That's why I had a REALLY hard time when Josh was about 2 months old and I basically hadn't slept in 2 months because he was still eating every 2 hrs, so sometimes I would only sleep 15-20 minutes before he'd need to eat again. I wish I was like Beau. That guy can sleep anytime anywhere in about 5 seconds! I have NEVER fallen asleep in a car and only one time on a plane and it was on the way back from London so it was 11 hrs and I had 4 seats to lay across. I can't fall asleep if anyone is talking around me, if there is a light on, or if the TV is on. I hate it! So anyways....the last 2 months have really been wearing on me and I'm having a hard time being happy and motivated all the time. However, I am redetermined today to be better. I'm especially not going to take it out on Beau...poor guy. I think the last couple weeks have been rough on him too, just because of me. No more though, I'm going to be better. There is something about this time of year, although I've never actually set a new years resolution, the first of January always makes me reflect and refocus on being a better person. Maybe this year I'll try the goal setting thing out.
All 'n' all, things are going great for us. Beau starts school again this Wednesday, and he only has to go to Rexburg once a week. That will be nice. We have some HUGE changes come up in the next month or two. We are really excited and a little nervous about it all, but it will be good. I'll write more about them later as well. Right now I need to go get dinner started.