Wednesday, March 31, 2010

These Days

I haven't posted anything for a while, which is driving me nuts, but we haven't done anything lately but stay home and pray that the weather will get better so we CAN do something. It hasn't. Therefore, not very many pictures have been taken...AND, therefore, Josh and I are getting the heck out of this place this Saturday! We've had plans to spend the coming weekend with my parents in Salt Lake for quite a while, but the weekend was all we originally had planned until I got the bright idea that I should hitch a ride down south for a LONG vacation in southern Nevada, where snow and freezing temperatures do not existed. I can't wait! I'm SO sick of being cold, and it's supposed to snow the rest of this week and next. BLAH! Honestly, I could handle this weather if I didn't have a kid. I'm the type of person that has no problem staying home and reading all day, only stopping to cook and eat a good meal, but with Joshua, it's incredibly hard. Especially this week, because he had a taste of freedom, playing outside when it was warm last week. Now that it's cold again, all he does is cry by the front door, the back door, or the garage door to get out and play. It makes me feel bad, not to mention I'm seriously out of ideas of things to keep him entertained in our house. We do some interesting stuff, let me tell ya!
Anyway, enough complaining. -Sorry-
Here are some pictures I have taken the last few days.

He thinks he's SO smart! (his toy box is in there)

This face is the cutest. He loves to put on our shoes.

Showing off his new train from the toy store. This toy store was Awesome!

Easter package from Grandma Anderson! Highlight of our week. Thanks Mom!
He got some really cute things...

But this was his favorite part! (like the drool hanging from his chin)

We've done this a lot this week. It's his favorite thing in the world. He just yells BUBBLES the whole time!
I love my little man! He makes life worth it.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Joshua is one scheduled kid. His nap time is at noon, but on Sunday's I always debate with myself whether I should let him sleep or not before church because we go at 1. If he does sleep it's only for 45 minutes before we have to wake him up to leave, and with that, you never know if he's going to wake up a bear or a peach. So yesterday I decided I was going to try keeping him up in hopes that he'd fall asleep in sacrament meeting and I'd actually get to sit in the meeting and listen for the first time in a year. Just before noon I needed to get some potatoes cut up so I sat Josh on the couch to watch a movie,
and this is what happened at 12:02.

So I took advantage and got him ready for church while he couldn't fight me. I'm thinking I'll get him dressed everyday while he's asleep. He's SUCH a stinker to get dressed lately. You'd think I was cutting off his arm as mad as he gets about it. He just hates to stop, even for the 2 minutes it takes to get dressed. He's on the run 24/7.
He was so out! He had no idea.
Speaking of Sunday's. I hate them! My whole life they have been me favorite day of the week. Call me crazy, but I have always loved going to church (even as a brat teenager), until lately. Lately, I get up, shower, get all dressed up ,actually do my hair for once, put on my heels, maybe even wear jewelry, and go walk the halls of the church for 2 hours and 45 minutes. Really I just want to put my running clothes/shoes on. By the end of the block I'm SO tired and feel like I've just run a marathon. AND...for all that work, I'm technically inactive and I'm not spiritually uplifted in the least. I haven't marked a roll in probably a year. It's sad really. The relief society presidency came and visited me last month and at first it didn't hit me why they came, but a little while later I realized they were out visiting inactive women in the ward, and I was on the list! It makes me feel so bad! I WANT to go SO bad, believe me. I'd give anything to go and sit there, child free, for an hour and learn. Josh wont sit still and be quiet for 2 seconds, especially by the 3rd hour. I can't entertain him with anything! I took him into RS yesterday determined to mark that stink'n roll and get off the inactive list, and as soon as I sat down he started yelling and arching his back to get down. I thought I'd just let him wonder around right there by me as long as it would keep him quiet, but he went straight over to a little baby and started eating her treats and getting in her diaper bag which was making her mad. I grabbed him and tried giving him HIS treats, but he wanted non of it and started yelling at me to let him go. So we left. I don't get it! He's such an angel all week until Sunday! I don't know what I'm supposed to do with him. I'm not the type that will let my child walk all over me, but at his age there is nothing I can do to teach him correct behavior. He just doesn't understand yet. I guess I'll just do my best for 2 1/2 more months until he can go to nursery.
Maybe I should look at it as a good chance to exercise since it's just not happen'n any other day of the week.

Just Cuz

I snapped these pics the other day just cuz he was looking so cute.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Daredevil

Isn't he tricky? He thinks so.

Just because there is no one here to whine to.

I'm sick...
So Sick.
I don't remember the last time I was this sick, other than the first 9 months of my pregnancy.
My glands are so swollen that I have no jaw line. My face goes straight from cheeks to neck. Straight down.
My tonsils are touching in my throat.
It hurts to swallow. Like Bad!
My head feels like it weighs 348 lbs from all the congestion.
I only slept 3 hrs last night because Josh is sick too. Which makes me sad, and more sick.
And now my husband, who also only got 3 hrs of sleep last night (poor guy), is at work and I just want someone to cuddle with and feed me warm liquids.
I want my mom too.
I don't feel like I can take care of a sick baby when I feel so yucky myself.
Can I have the day off please?

That's all.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Best Day Ever

Today was such an awesome day! It was actually WARM! About 1 o'clock Beau called me and asked if I had been outside yet. When I said that I hadn't he insisted that he was going to come home early from work so we could play outside. SO... He came home around 4 and we went for a walk down the street to the school to play on the playground. Well first we walked to the Mav to get me a DP, and THEN we went to the school to play on the playground. We were all in heaven. It was so nice to get out and actually enjoy the weather, get some sun, and be together doing something fun. Spring really is going to be here soon, I just know it! I also know that we are Still probably going to have 10 more snow storms before summer arrives, but I'm even ok with that as long as there are days like today in between storms. While we were walking Beau and I agreed that even though the winter feels really long while we're in the middle of it and you wonder if it's worth it, May-November TOTALLY make it worth living here. The weather is AMAZING! I can't wait for May! Please hurry. I need more days like today.

Beau on the long board

Us following behind

Slides are fun
So is digging in the dirt
Mad Skills
Then we went home and flew a kite
And Josh just wanted to play in the little piece of remaining snow. Apparently he hasn't had enough.
When he's deep in thought (I always wonder what he's thinking so hard about), he pokes out his bottom lip. It's super cute.
All-in-all, the best day ever!
(or just the best day we've had in 4 months, but it feels like forever)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Projects. Will they ever end?

Tonight I sat down and made a list of all the projects I'd like to do around my house and projects that I'm already in the middle of, and the list is long. I mean LONG! I don't know what's gotten into me lately, but all of the sudden I have the urge to have every square inch of my house completely organized and decorated. Which is probably a good idea since we've lived in this mess for 2 years now. In the passed I've had the mentality that we weren't going to live in this house very long so I shouldn't put any effort or money into decorate it, but it's looking like we're going to be here at least another year. So I figure I better make the most of it and make the house as cute as I can! I broke the list down into individual projects and what I needed to buy in order to complete each one. It really shouldn't take that much money or time, just a lot of shopping at quite a few different stores..... And there in lies the problem.
For me, shopping consists of hitting one store a day, with a well thought out and written list in hand, getting in and out as fast as possible while shoving fruit snacks in Josh's mouth to keep him happy and steering the cart with my one free hand. That means at this rate it could take me weeks to gather the materials to even begin. HUM......? Maybe I could talk Beau into watching Josh for a couple hrs this Saturday so I can do some major shopping and knock it all out in a day. That would be a dream!
I started one project yesterday and I've found that doing anything of an organizing/decorating nature while Joshua is awake can be quite a challenge.
I was trying to do this to the inside of my craft closet door last night (it's super super nice to have all my wrapping paper and stationary stuff organize by the way. All for $9!),
and for a project that should have only taken 10 minutes, it took over an hour. Every time I went to grab something, it was nowhere to be found! I would have the basket held perfectly level and in place, then I'd reach for my pencil to make a mark as to where to put the screws, and it would be gone! So I'd go to grab the tape to hold the basket in place while I went to find another pencil, and it would be across the room! I couldn't keep anything within reach to save my life. My little stinker hauled off all my tools! I was pretty patient with him the whole time until I was standing on our office chair trying to screw in the top basket and he was standing below me spinning the chair! I was trying to hold on while keeping the basket in place, and in the process I dropped the screws and the screw gun. At that point I wasn't very patient! I had to remind myself that he didn't understand what he was doing was wrong and I shouldn't be yelling at him. But seriously, come on!
Anyway...From what I've learned through my experiences the last couple days, I have a feeling I'm going to be doing the majority of my decorating and organizing in the wee hours of the morning for my own sanity. That's alright though, I'm up anyway (case in point, it's 12:36 am as I'm writing this).
I don't usually blog about decorating stuff, but maybe I'll post about some of my many projects.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I went to the DI this morning and scored two sweet deals!

The chair and the toy were $4 total! And he hasn't stopped playing with them for hours! I'd pay $4 everyday for that.

Mr. Helpful

Joshua sure is helpful these days.

Last Saturday Beau changed the breaks on the car, and Josh was a very good helper. He was right in the middle of it anyway.

Then last night he helped me with the dishes. And he loved every second of it! He had a total meltdown when I took him off the chair. I felt bad, but I had done all the dishes, scrubbed all the counter tops, the stove, microwave, and wiped the floors. I think he had enough time, and it was well passed bedtime.

His also loves to "help" me make the bed every morning. He has to sit right in the middle of it (I move him around as I go) and then he crawls under and laughs while I pull him out. It's super helpful and makes the job go real quick :)

This is my favorite age so far. He's SO fun and SO cute all the time!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's official!

There is not even a trace of snow in our front yard!


And we're going on a walk today after church because it's WARM!

I might survive this winter.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Big Boy

I was looking at Josh today and it was the first time I thought he looked like a toddler rather than a baby. Weird. I don't know if I like it.

He's still as cute as ever.

He's starting to act like a big boy too. Just last week he decided he was going to be Mr. independent. Which is nice in a lot of ways, but sad in others. I don't want him to grow up.

Josh's tricks at 15 months:
He hides behind doors and waits for me to walk through, then jumps out and yells HEY!
He's wearing 12-18 month clothes and size 4 or 5 shoes.
He refuses to wear bibs (totally annoying!)
He will entertain himself for quite a while. SO NICE! I feel like I can get a few things done during the day if I need to.
He loves to be chased around the house, and thinks it's even more fun when he's naked.
He still dances to EVERYTHING and has some serious moves. He just started standing on one foot and swinging the other leg around tonight. SO funny!
He takes solid 3 hr naps every day from 12-3. Some days it's longer. Today it was 4 hrs.
He goes to bed between 8:30 and 9 every night and gets up between 6:30 and 7.
He LOVES to fit one object inside another object.
He still has a bottle 3 times a day and I have no idea when I'll take that away. I guess I'll know when it's time (maybe when he has more than 7 teeth, all in the front).
Has 7 teeth. 4 on top and 3 on bottom.
He love's fruit snacks.
And touch and feel books.
He will only watch the TV if The Incredibles are on. He absolutely loves that movie. No more Toy Story.
One of his favorite things to do is roll around on our bed. He'll stand up and do a dead man fall face first into the pillows.
He says: Mom, Dad, Dog, Ruff ruff, Hello, Hey, and Sick!
Hardly ever cries or whines.
He's a really good shopper as long as I have snacks.
He still travels like a champ. Thank goodness! He can make a 7 1/2 hr drive as well as I can. I only fuss for about the last hr.
He's still not interested in church. haha...hates it actually. Hopefully that changes soon.
Loves his dad SO much and cries when he leaves for work in the mornings.
Would live outside if I'd let him.
And his new favorite thing (and mine too) is that he LOVES to cuddle with me! It seriously makes me SO happy! From the second he was born he would have rather been laying on the ground alone than for us to hold him. But that's slowly changed, and now he loves to cuddle. It's so nice! He's even started to fall asleep while being held if we're somewhere where we can't put him in bed! It's the best thing ever.

I love him!
Oh my heck I need to get to bed! 6:30 is SO early! P.S. does anyone know how to get your kid to sleep in? I'm totally ok with 7, but nothing in the 6's. There's something psychological about it.


Josh was in absolute Heaven playing in my parents back yard last week.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feeling Hopeful

I'm SO SO excited about...
  • Spring coming!
  • My new dress
  • American Idol this season Rocks! I love all the indie singers!
  • Lady Antebellum's new cd.
  • Josh isn't teething for the moment.
  • Liberty of London coming to target. Best thing I've heard all year
  • My bedroom is finally coming together.
  • Finally getting the hang of the whole sewing thing. Getting more brave anyway. And it's fun. Who would have thought?
  • Josh is SO much fun these days! Love him to death and laugh all day long.
  • Finding time to read again.
  • Being home after 10 days away. Getting sleep again.
  • Never buying formula again! -until the next kid
  • Went outside today and didn't need a coat!
  • My church calling. Officially the best one to get. No Sunday responsibilities (cuz that wouldn't work with the little man), have 2 activities a month with the cutest girls ever! They are at that age where they are still no drama, just cute and fun, and think that I am super cool! haha...
  • Cookie dough truffles. Heaven in one little bite! I'm not kidding...
That's all for today.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cabin Trip

I have SO much blogging to catch up on!!! I'm having a hard time being motivated to do it and I think it's because I'm so far behind that it feels overwhelming. So I'm going to try and get a couple out of the way today while I have a little time.

Over president's day/Valentines day weekend we went up to Driggs with Beau's cousin's and stayed in the most amazing cabin I've ever seen! It was SO much fun, and his cousins are seriously the best! We spent most of the time just sitting around eating and hanging out, but we also played some games, went sledding, and snowmobiled as well. Joshua was having a really rough time cutting his 4 top teeth all at once and it was making him super sick. He did pretty well the whole time until we put him to bed Sunday night. He woke up around midnight and we couldn't get him to calm down. He was so sick and so worked up that he started throwing up every couple minutes. It was making me pretty nervous, I've never not been able to calm him down. Beau and Wayne gave him a blessing around 3 and then at 3:30 we decided we better head home to be closer to his dr. if we needed him, plus it's not like we were going to get any sleep. Nothing we were trying was working. And it was seriously stressing me out that he was throwing up all over someone else's things and I had nothing to clean it up with! So anyway...we packed up and hit the road. Josh FINALLY stopped crying after we had been driving for about 40 minutes and fell asleep shortly after. When we got home he slept for about 3 hrs and then thought he needed to be up for the day. He was still quite sick for another couple days, but did get over it and the stink'n teeth finally came in! Although that was probably the hardest night we've had since Josh was born, the trip was completely worth it. I hope we can do it again next year.

Here are a few pictures.

The View



Amazing cabin


The kiddos

Sharing her kitty

K-so that was a lot of pictures! I took more than I thought.