Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Zoo

I.F. has a pretty awesome zoo. We get a year pass each year, and it's nice because we can go any time. Josh and I like to go to the zoo for the afternoon when we have nothing else going on. Sometimes we don't even try to hit every exhibit, just his favorites and whatever else we're feeling like that day. It's fun and relaxing. Josh really loves animals, and every time we go to the zoo he surprises me with a new animal sound or name that I didn't know he knew. It took him a while to warm up to the monkeys, but today he decided they were pretty cool and started to make a monkey noise while we were watching them.

One of his favorites is watching the otters swim. It's my favorite too.
Most days the majority of the animals make a dog noise according to Josh (tongue out, making a panting noise).
Even this guy...
He's getting really brave and wants to touch all the animals. Kinda scary...

The zoo is one of the things we'll miss most when we move. It's nice to have one so close.

Fun in the Sun

So the sun finally came out here in Idaho, and it is amazing! Let me tell you. We spend just about every waking minute outside. We love it!
Here are some random pics I took the other day.

Eating the chocolate off of an E.L. Fudge cookie.
:) haha! Funny picture.
Cute little swim suit.

Dirty Boy

How is it even possible to get this dirty from eating a piece of french toast and a couple blackberries?

Live at Five

Every Wednesday night there is a different live band that plays at an outdoor platform in down town Idaho Falls. It's called Live at Five. Last week there was a sweet band playing so we went down to enjoy some live music and to dance. It was a lot of fun, and Josh had the best moves by far!

I think Joshua looks like his uncle Kody in this picture.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Pool

Josh just got this little pool yesterday. It's so cute and he Loves it! Can't wait until it's warm enough to play in it (full of water anyway).

We did fill it with water hoping it would warm up enough today to get in, but it didn' we drained it and played in it empty again! Pretty sweet!

Just Some Pics.

Some highlights from our last trip home.

We had so much fun playing in the warm weather with cousins. We went to the lake twice, the rec center pool twice, and the splash pad once. Basically we went swimming everyday. It was awesome! This trip down Joshua and Anni were playing so well together. I made me sad to realize that if we lived closer the two of them would be best buds, but they only get to see each other every couple months. Hopefully that wont be the case forever. Can't wait to go home again next month!

Monday, June 21, 2010

CD Player

Last night I put a cd player in Josh's room so we could listen to some primary music while we got ready for bed, and today when he woke up and realized it was still in there, he was SO excited! Like jumping up and down and squealing, excited. He thinks he's the coolest kid on the block. All day he's been come up to me and saying, "dance, dance" while doing his little dance move. So we have to go in his room and dance to the music. He's never spent so much time in his room. He's also already picked up on how the cd player works. He can turn it off and on, and pause it then make it play again. He picks up on certain things so quickly.
After today I've realized that we really need to go get a video camera. Ever since we got my Nikon the first of May, we haven't had anything to record with. We'll have to get one soon, because I don't want to miss anymore fun moments.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rough Morning

We had a pretty rough morning this morning. Josh didn't sleep well last night (he's cutting 2 molars, poor kid) and then was up at 6:30 for the day. None of us slept much so it was a rough start to the day for all of us. I was irritated that I was up so early, but felt bad for him because I could tell he didn't feel well. At ten o'clock, when Beau finally woke up enough to want to eat, we made him his favorite breakfast for Father's Day. While we were cooking I sat Josh in his highchair with a treat and it only took about 5 minutes before he just passed out! He was out cold! So I took him up to bed and then Beau and I had a delicious and quiet breakfast. It was nice. After breakfast Beau and I also took a nap and woke up 3 1/2 hours later! Josh slept 4 1/2 hours! It was exactly what we all needed today. The rest of the day was great after those naps. We went to church, played at the park, ate the best dinner ever, and went for a long walk. It was nice to have good weather and spend the whole day relaxing with Beau.

I'm so grateful for the Fathers in my life, and I'm grateful that I married a man who is such an amazing father himself. Joshua has some great men to look up to in his life.

First Kiss

Joshua loves his friend Lucy. Although she's 9 months older than him, they play really well together.
Today at the park Lucy was laying on the grass so Josh went over and sat by her. We were all sitting there looking at them and saying how cute they were, then Beau told Josh to kiss Lucy. So he did! It was way cute.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Slurp Slurp

Josh LOVES to slurp water up off the ground! I have no idea why, but he does. Sometimes he'll purposely spill water on the kitchen floor so he can get down and slurp it up. One day a couple weeks ago it was raining and we had just driven to the store and back so the car was really wet when I pulled it into the garage. After I took Josh out of his car seat I put him down to play around while I brought all the groceries in. I took a handful of bags in then went back for more, and when I rounded the car I saw that he was laying on the ground slurping up the rain that was running off the car and was making a perfect little puddle for him to drink out of! It was so gross, but I was laughing so hard! It was a funny sight. What a strange little munchkin he is sometimes.

I hadn't ever caught him doing it on camera, because I'm always running over to stop him not running for my camera, until last week at my parents house. I had to get the picture.

The sprinklers had left a puddle of water on the trampoline pad and Josh found it.

Here he is thinking about it...
And here he is drinking it.

Playing in the Pool

The kiddies got outside one morning and ended up in the pool in their jp's,
so we stripped them down and let them play in their undies.


If we were to have a girl some day, she might look a little like this.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


For the last couple days Joshua has been calling Beau, Beau rather than dad. I'm sure he's picked it up from me yelling for Beau when we're downstairs and he's upstairs in his office because the first few times he did it he was standing on the bottom step yelling "Beau!" and looking up. He's realizing that that word gets his dad's attention. It cracks me up!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Day on Kolob

While we were home last week, we of course had to make a trip up to Kolob to see my parents cabin. Beau actually spent two days there building rock walls and clearing fallen trees off the property, but my Mom, Taleesa, Josh and I went up later to relax and enjoy the amazing weather! As always, it was SO nice to be with my family and to be on the mountain. Being there made me that much more excited for the cabin to be finished so we can have the whole family there together. Nothing sounds more fun to me than that! Fourwheeling, fishing, swimming, watching football, playing games, staying up late talking, sledding, snowmobiling, meals cooked over a fire, huge sleepovers for the the mountains, and with family. Seriously, is there anything better!? Holy cow, I can't wait!
Josh helping Dad on the loader
Our future home
"Babe, go away." That's what he's thinking.
Look at that rock wall! My computer geek husband is still pretty amazing on a machine.
After some delicious tin-dins, we roasted marshmallows. Josh gave it a shot. He'd put the mallow right IN the fire,
but pretty soon he'd get distracted and he'd start flinging his roasting stick all over the place! Usually with a flaming marshmallow dangling from the end.
Beau was running for his life at one point.
What a fun time!


The other day we didn't have anything to do, so we made brownies!
Josh helped me mix everything together...
and then while I finished the rest, he licked Everything he could get his little hands on!

Including his hands.